Technology is not a goal but now it is a CRITICAL tool – ( article on a research )

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Information in modern life is changing and renewing at incredible speed. A good education is a great advantage to get to catch this pace. Because this is the only way to get to this new information, but we have a chance to capture it faster. The education sector in Turkey is able to follow this change even though it is a little behind. But what do we have to do to get ahead?

For many years in educational circles, it is the classic discourse of all of us. ;

” Technology is a tool, not a goal."

In a survey which have been made with 1200 trainers all around the world ;

The ratio of those who believe that technology is an important tool in the skills that students need to develop to adapt to the modern business world is 83%. ,

When you use The technology in the classroom ; 75% believe  the students become more engaged and  77 % believe  students  are more  cooperative.

Technology is now more and more common in schools. And judging by the results in the survey, here's one of the highlights. If the leaders of education (teachers) have mastered technology, they are more effective in teaching modern world skills, such as creativity, collaboration, problem solving. Thats why technology is a CRITICAL tool to gain new skills.

Technology is a CRITICAL tool that makes a much greater contribution to the development of students in which more students can “gain experience” rather than verbal listening at the same time.

Another striking result in the survey is that learning needs to be handled with an integrated approach and that it needs to continue education outside the classroom. And here, technology is one of the most CRITICAL tool that strengthens the hand of instructors.

Survey tells us that technology is a CRITICAL tool in 4 important matters. Active learning, personalized learning, Cognitive activation and project-based learning.

The survey shows that notebook computers are the most critical technological tool to be used in classrooms, and because each student is in the classroom with a notebook, we see that they can do more activities in less time ,  that project groups are formed effectively and that students contribute to their individual learning.

At one important point, teachers can use technology to develop more effective curriculums. There are more digital resources now, and it's much easier to make them part of the curriculum with technology.

Yes, technology is not a goal, but it's not just a tool anymore. It is now a very important tool in their learning journey. With new software, each student can instantly meet their own knowledge-level questions, and multiple students can develop location-independent and very fast projects. This and many more possibilities make technology indispensable in education.

What we have to do is to help our training leaders understand this critical issue and help them to take quick steps for not  to stay behind.


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